Integrated service ethic essential to all public services

Former Alliance Deputy Leader Eileen Bell has said that integrated public services are central to a stable future – and that the ethic of providing them must be promoted throughout public service providers now.

Speaking before forming part of the Alliance Party delegation meeting the Secretary of State, the North Down MLA stated: “Many voluntary sector organisations are already leading the way in delivering their services and information on a fundamentally integrated basis – being sure to treat everyone as an individual, fairly and equally.

“The public service and businesses have, in some ways, been left behind. Still Government policy all too often assumes segregation. Business organisations could also have a key role in promoting the restoration of institutions and politics for the benefit of all.

“We are calling on Government to ensure that an integrated public service ethnic is present right the way through the Civil Service and beyond. It is not enough simply to tolerate, what is required is full understanding and appreciation of our divisions and the way to overcome them.

“Such an ethic must be central if the Government’s ‘Shared Future’ plans are to be made reality.”


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