In the interests of entire UK for Prime Minister to keep negotiating with EU, says Farry

It is in the interests of the entire UK for the Prime Minister to “cut the bravado” and keep negotiating with the EU, Alliance MP Stephen Farry has said.

The North Down MP was speaking after the UK Government said talks with the EU over a post-Brexit trade deal were over. Earlier, Boris Johnson said the UK should look at a more limited Australian-style trade agreement with the EU.

“Brexit was always a UK project,” said Dr Farry.

“However, successive Governments, but especially this one, have never been realistic or honest about the implications and resultant options of that decision. A Canada-style deal is not comparable or realistic for the UK-EU future relationship, given the geographical proximity. Talk of an Australia-style relationship is just a euphemism to disguise any failure to strike a deal.

“A no deal Brexit is no outcome to take lightly. It will have devastating consequences for the UK economy and make the impact of the Northern Ireland Protocol more severe.

“These outcomes are simply and utterly self-defeating for the UK, and it is in Boris Johnson’s interests to cut the bravado and to keep talking.”