Important authorities provide more clarity on school closure, says Alliance representatives

It is important the Education Authority and Public Health Agency provide more clarity on the reasoning behind a two-week closure of a school in Bangor, Alliance representatives have said.

Andrew Muir MLA and Councillor Connie Egan were speaking after St Comgall’s Primary School closed for two weeks after several cases of coronavirus were identified. The principal of the school, the first in Northern Ireland to close completely for 14 days, said there was no need to panic.

“Our first thoughts are with those who have tested positive and we hope they make a full and speedy recovery,” said Mr Muir.

“Closure of the school for an entire 14 days is naturally a significant cause for concern and will cause anxiety and stress for pupils, parents and staff. It is important the Education Authority (EA) and Public Health Agency (PHA) provide clarity promptly as to why the two-week closure has proven necessary.”

“This is another disruption for all pupils but particularly those in P7, preparing for their transfer test in the near future,” added Councillor Egan.

“Obviously the safety of all concerned is of primary importance but this will have an undoubted impact for those pupils facing a significant exam, especially with most parents now back to work and unable to provide home schooling. I urge the EA and PHA to give as much information to the public as they can, so pupils can experience as little interruption to their education as possible.”