IMC Report Shows that Loyalists Have Still to Deliver

Alliance Party Justice Spokesperson, Stephen Farry MLA, has responded to today’s publication of the latest report of the Independent Monitoring Commission by stressing that there is clearly an urgent need for Loyalists to deliver on winding down paramilitary activity, and if they fail to do the Governments must reassess their strategy for dealing with them.

Stephen Farry stated:

“With respect to the IRA, this report provides further confirmation that the organisation no longer poses a threat to the community. However, it must be stressed that the dismantling of the Army Council must be remain the ultimate conclusion of the dismantling of the IRA’s structures.

“The picture with respect to Loyalists is much more mixed. There has been much talk of ending all paramilitary activity and the decommissioning of weapons, but very little delivery. Indeed, it has been noted that over the period of this report the UDA have been involved in a considerable number of actions of violence and criminality, and have ruled out decommissioning. There is scepticism over how far the UVF are proposing to go in dismantling their structures and decommissioning their weapons.

“If tangible and significant progress is not achieved in the very near future, then both the British and Irish Governments need to consider a change in strategy. Perhaps, a little less carrot and a little more stick would be appropriate.”


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