IMC report raises questions for government

Alliance Party Leader, David Ford, has responded to today’s publication of the special Independent Monitoring Commission report on the UVF-LVF feud by stating that it raises important questions for Government.

David Ford said:

“The special report from the IMC on the UVF-LVF feud makes for chilling reading. There has clearly been an upsurge in UVF activity over the course of this year, that goes beyond the four murders attributed to them. Indeed, the situation is actually much worse as this report was written before the mass violence surrounding the Whiterock parade.

“In their report, the IMC are quite clear that it is time that the Government should focus on the wide range paramilitary and criminal activity rather than narrow definitions of a ceasefire. All such activity is a threat to the rule of law and to democracy. They conclude that it should be difficult for the Government to continue to recognise a continued UVF ceasefire in light of the information set out.

“Major questions remain as to why the Government did not specify the UVF ceasefire on the basis of the feud alone, rather than only after attacks on the police occurred during the Whiterock parade. Furthermore, it is important that the Government clarifies how it actually defines a ‘ceasefire’ — is still only threats upon the state and the ‘other side’ or does it refer to the wider ambit of paramilitary activity.”


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