IMC report must be read in correct context

Alliance Party Justice Spokesperson, Stephen Farry, has welcomed the latest comments of IMC in relation to progress on security normalisation, but stressed that the points made in relation to the IRA refer essentially to the threat against the state and that broader progress towards

Republican acceptance of the rule of law is required.

Dr Farry stated: “This report is primarily about security normalisation. It is clear that significant progress on this regard has occurred consistent with the enabling environment. Alliance welcomes these developments.

“The comments in relation to the threat posed by PIRA are made solely in the context of assessing the degree of terrorist that would warrant additional security measures in society.

“What the IMC have said on is encouraging. It further consolidates the view that the IRA have given up their campaign of violence directed against the state. However, the points made in the January IMC report regarding some continued involvement in paramilitary and criminal activity still stand. These latent activities continue to call into question the Republican Movement’s commitment to democracy and the rule of law.

“Pressure upon the IRA to address these outstanding issues must be maintained. I look forward to seeing evidence of progress on these issues in the next IMC report on paramilitary activity in April.”


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