IMC Brings Integrity to the Process says Alliance

Responding to yet another attack upon the Independent Monitoring Commission, Alliance Party Justice Spokesperon, Stephen Farry has stressed that the body is critical to the implementation of the Agreement.

Dr Farry stated:

“The IMC builds on the Agreement, and is consistent with the Agreement. Indeed, its work is critical to the implementation of the Agreement.

“It is clear that the peace process has suffered over the past six years through a lack of clarity on the end of paramilitary activity, and a full and ambiguous commitment to exclusively peaceful and democratic means.

“Political progress can now only occur if there is widespread community confidence in the integrity of all those at the table.

“It was for this reason that Allliance proposed the creation of the IMC two years ago. The IMC is there to shine a spotlight on continued dark deeds of paramilitaries, and to create pressure for certain organisations to change their behaviour.

“With Sinn Fein making demands for action regarding ‘On the Runs’, they need to be careful about making claims that certain matters are outside the Agreement.”

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