If you are sick of tribalism vote Alliance on Wednesday

Enniskillen by-election candidate Dr Kumar Kamble has called on people who are disillusioned with tribal politics and the failing Stormont Executive said that the Alliance Party is the only alternative to the tribal parties that are failing to deliver within the Stormont Executive.

Dr Kumar Kamble said: “If you are sick of the same tribal fighting in local politics vote Alliance on Wednesday. I will work for everyone and I have no tribal agenda, unlike the other parties. I want to make a difference for the whole community and I want to put more back into the community.

“Make sure you get out and vote because if you don’t, you lose your chance to have a say in local decisions.

“Voting works and apathy costs. If you are fed up with the tribal timewasters then the best way to make you voice heard is to come out on polling day and vote Alliance. Tribal politicians have had their chance in Fermanagh and I believe that a candidate that represents everyone will bring the area together and show the wider world that Fermanagh is moving forward with confidence. If you want to see a change in the way Enniskillen is run, vote Alliance and we will deliver.

“I have campaigned on a number of issues during this election including combating crime and anti-social behaviour, and reducing traffic congestion around the town. Gridlock during the rush hour has become a major problem and I will be working to deliver the Southern by-pass scheme as soon as possible.

“I want a fair deal for Enniskillen. I work in the Erne Hospital so I know about the concerns and needs of local people in relation to health services in the Enniskillen area. The tribal parties have failed Fermanagh and I will be working help improve public transport, healthcare services and increase tourism opportunities for the area.”


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