Howard welcomes Freedom of Castlereagh for PSNI

Alliance Councillor Carole Howard has welcomed the Freedom of the Borough being bestowed on the PSNI.

The honour was officially awarded today, Saturday, after an Alliance-led campaign proposed by Councillor Carole Howard secured unanimous support at Castlereagh Borough Council.

Councillor Carole Howard said: “I am delighted to see the PSNI officially receive the Freedom of the Borough in Castlereagh. This is a special day as the honour was previously given to the RUC in 2000, making it only right PSNI officers can now take up this tribute.

“I led the campaign to secure this honour on behalf of the Alliance Party as we believe it is only right to recognise the hard work and dedication of the many officers who work in a number of facilities and police stations across the Borough and the many more who are from the Borough and serve elsewhere in Northern Ireland.”

“Over the past 12 years the PSNI has faced many threats and challenges, including the losing two local officers at the hands of terrorists. This time next year Castlereagh as a borough will not exist, yet the tribute given to the PSNI will be on record forever.”

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