Holywood PSNI station is not closing: Farry

North Down Alliance Councillor, Stephen Farry, has urged people not to rush to judgment regarding the overnight closure of the inquiries desk in Holywood police station.

Councillor Farry, who is also Alliance’s Justice Spokesman, said: “Some politicians seem intent on whipping up fears about this operational decision by the police. I urge people to judge the effect of this move over time rather than rushing to judgement.

“The police are merely closing down the inquiries desk in Holywood Station between the hours of 8pm and 8am. At present, there are at best one or two callers a night normally, and on many occasions none at all. Yet, an officer is tied up in the station doing comparatively little policing. This new move should help to release more police on the ground.

“Holywood station will remain an active police base of operations 24 hours a day. There will be officers and vehicles situated there for responding to situations within Holywood.

“I have sought assurances from the police that there will no deterioration in the level of police resources devoted to Holywood. Indeed, in recent months the North Down Command have allocated a higher level of resources to the town in response to problems, particularly in the Loughview.

“There are no plans to close Holywood Station. Rather, it is the intention of the North Down Command to invest resources in improving the station.”

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