Hill slams ‘done deal’ on Review of Public Administration

Alliance Party Social Development Spokesperson Tony Hill has slammed the appointment of a Boundary Commissioner to name seven councils as riding roughshod over the Government’s commitment to an integrated, shared future.

The North Down Deputy Mayor stated: “The Government has made significant moves in recent months in promoting integrated public services and spending money wisely – but now threatens to undo that good work through a seven-council sectarian carve-up.

“It is the height of lunacy to pursue a model of local government based on seven councils without taking proper account of the rights and concerns of those who would be left in a minority within those council areas.

“Those of us representing the public have been left with a skeleton outline of the new administrative system, which raises the ugly notion of planning applications, housing arrangements and community planning being carried out on a blatantly sectarian basis.

“We in the Alliance Party have worked hard for over a generation to unite this community, not carve it up. We will not stand by and let our principles be undone in this way.”


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