Hendron welcomes agreement by Belfast Council to lowest rates rise in 10 years

Alliance Belfast Council Group Leader Cllr Maire Hendron has welcomed the agreement by Belfast City Council to agree to a below inflation rise in rates of 2.6%. This is the lowest raise in ten years.

Cllr Maire Hendron: “All the parties worked together in a non partisan manner to ensure that an agreement could be reached. We are very conscious of the hard economic burden that many businesses and households are facing but we, as a Council, are committing this increase to an Investment Package which will stimulate the economy of the City and create much needed additional employment.

“This is the lowest rate rise in ten years largely as a result of economies in the operational expenses of the Council. The Alliance team will continue to push for further efficiencies across the Council to ensure best value for ratepayer’s money.

“Belfast is seen as the premier Council in Northern Ireland with the widest range of public services. We are committed to an economic programme which will benefit the entire City and to providing opportunities for more employment, particularly for young people.”


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