Hendron slams Sinn Fein on East Belfast

Alliance Belfast City Councillor, Maire Hendron, has slammed Sinn Fein for claiming there was violence in the area on Monday night, and said people in the area are fed up of being seen as a trouble spot.

Cllr Hendron stated, “I have spoken to people both in Short Strand and Cluan Place. Although there were some disturbances after Saturday’s Old Firm game, the simple fact is that there was no trouble on Monday evening.

“It is therefore quite wrong of Sinn Fein to claim there was, or that its representatives played any role in keeping the area calm on Monday evening.

“People in the area, particularly elderly people, are fed up with being seen as a constant trouble spot. If unelected people wish to claim they represent the area, they could at least ensure they represent the situation fairly.

“This is yet another example of political irresponsibility creating an impression of an area that is worse than the reality for their own political ends.”


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