Hendron says if Basil doesn’t support UUP Councillors over bogus leaflet, what about Nesbitt?

Following UUP MLA Basil McCrea’s opposition to the action of the UUP Belfast Councillors over a bogus leaflet , Alliance Belfast Cllr Maire Hendron has asked UUP Leader Mike Nesbitt whether he supports his UUP colleagues on Belfast Council. During a Peace and Reconciliation event in Derry on Friday morning, Basil McCrea expressed his support for the Union Flag at Belfast Council flying on certain designated days and apologised over his party’s involvement in a bogus leaflet being distributed in Belfast that contained misinformation about Alliance’s policy on this issue.

Cllr Maire Hendron said: “I would like to thank Basil for his comments, it shows that at least there is somebody in the UUP with some backbone.

“Now that Basil has come out against the actions of the UUP Belfast Councillors, will his Leader Mike Nesbitt also come out against his colleagues. If he doesn’t, then Mike can give up any hope of portraying his party as being in favour of a shared future.

“I would also like to know whether Mike knew what his colleagues were up to and whether he supported them working with the DUP over this bogus leaflet.”


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