Hendron says exciting Belfast investment programme will boost economy

Alliance Group Leader on Belfast City Council Máire Hendron has hailed the £150m investment package for Belfast saying it will grow our economy through tourism, business development and the employment it will create in construction. She said the plan demonstrates what can be achieved when elected representatives work together.
Cllr Máire Hendron said: “This is a visionary plan for Belfast. It’s a real statement of intent which will further increase the already very positive image that Belfast has as a tourist destination.
“This plan perfectly demonstrates why a shared future is so important because it illustrates the excellent work that can be done when elected representatives come together and work for the good of everyone in Belfast.
“There is massive potential for our economy in relation to the hosting of conferences and events, and the planned extension to the Waterfront Hall will help us to meet this potential.
“This ambitious plan will also provide a significant boost to our construction industry and many jobs will be created in this sector through this investment. I am confident that the plan will help deliver employment opportunities for many young people and people across our society who have suffered during these tough times. I would like to see these plans implemented swiftly and I hope work will commence as quickly as possible.”
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