Hendron says action needed now on combating flooding

Pottinger Alliance Councillor Maíre Hendron has called on NI Water to carry out work now to try and prevent flooding the area in future. She said there can be no delay in doing the necessary work.

Local Councillor Maíre Hendron said: “We need immediate action to end the scourge of flooding affecting this locality. NI Water must do the necessary work to try and prevent this from happening again – there can be no more delays.

“People should not have to live with sewage flooding onto their street. This is a disgrace and cannot go on any longer.

“Every time people feel raindrops in this area they feel the fear of another flood in the area. This is not an acceptable circumstance for people to live under. They need action to assure them and to try and prevent the threat of flooding on their streets and in their homes again.”


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