Hendron – New paramilitary mural is a setback for our society

Alliance East Belfast Councillor Maire Hendron has said that a new paramilitary mural at the junction of Carlingford Street and Ardenvohr Street in East Belfast, is a setback for our society. The unfinished mural features two masked gunmen and images of the Maze prison. This follows a similar mural which was painted at Inverwood Court in East Belfast.

Councillor Maire Hendron said: “This is a setback for our society. It is simply being used to intimidate, mark territory and create fear among local people. We should not accept the appearance of this sickening image of masked gunmen.

“As we attempt to move our society forward towards a shared future, we should not tolerate this divisive behaviour. I condemn this and all other paramilitary images and symbols.

“I am particularly disappointed given the willingness of many communities to accept the re-imaging process to make murals more inclusive.

“Symbols and emblems are being discussed at the cross party Haass talks. This new mural has shown the importance of reaching agreement on this and the other issues under consideration.

“I will be raising this matter with the Police to see what action can be taken by the authorities.”


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