Hendron disappointed by UUP’s intolerant view on Papal visit

Alliance Belfast Council Group Leader, Cllr Maire Hendron, has expressed her disappointment that the UUP have voiced opposition to sending an invite to the Pope to visit Belfast. A motion will be debated at Belfast Council on Tuesday to discuss an invite after the Irish Seanad agreed to invite Pope Francis to Ireland. Cllr Jim Rodgers has said that it would be a bad idea.

Cllr Maire Hendron: “I am shocked that the UUP has taken such an intolerant view to a potential visit by the Pope.

“I would call on Mike Nesbitt to clarify his party’s position and outline why one of his Councillors has made such disrespectful comments. I think there would be a number of UUP members who will be horrified to hear what Jim Rodgers has said.

“Alliance would be in favour of a Papal visit. I believe that any visit by the Pope would be supported by people from all faiths and backgrounds. A Papal visit would show that Northern Ireland supports religious freedom and respects the diversity that exists in our society.”


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