Hendron amendment to motion on Lord Mayor is passed at Belfast Council

Alliance Belfast Council Group Leader Máire Hendron proposed an amendment to the motion at Belfast Council on Monday night that was passed on the issue of the Lord Mayor snubbing an young army cadet at a Duke of Edinburgh award scheme last week. The amendment accepted the apology and reaffirmed the need to agree to good relations and that the Lord Mayor will serve all the people of Belfast.

Cllr Máire Hendron said: “What the Lord Mayor did was wrong and deeply offensive but he did apologise last week, an apology that was accepted by the younh army cadet’s family and the Alliance Group accepted it.

“In light of the apology, I proposed an amended motion that accepted the Lord Mayor’s apology and reaffirmed the Council’s commitment to promote good relations and the Lord Mayor’s commitment to serve all people of Belfast.

“This episode shows the need for us to move forward and agree to a shared future. However it also shows that we need to deal with the legacy of the past and until we do so we will not be able to move forward.”


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