Helena Young selected for Alliance

Well-known Alliance activist Helena Young has been selected to represent the party in the upcoming May local Government elections.

A local woman, who has worked and raised her family in the area, Helena will working towards securing a seat in Newry – the place she calls home, with a focus on supporting mental health services in the community, creating new initiatives for young people and continuing to support the Albert Basin Park Project.

She added: “I’m delighted to have the full support of the Alliance Party behind in my selection, and am equally thrilled to continue working hard to represent our community, taking the Alliance ethos of a shared future to as many voters as possible.

“We are all frustrated with the continued failure of the DUP and Sinn Féin to restore devolution in Northern Ireland, or to give those with the right ideas the opportunity to do so. I know you’re frustrated because I’m frustrated as well.

“This election is your opportunity to increase the number of Alliance Councillors across Northern Ireland at local Government level, allowing us to actively protect and enhance the services that are still working for you.

“I’m passionate about our area. I raised my family here and want to see the best for everyone, regardless of background. Help me make history this May.”

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