Health service reform will be challenging but necessary, says Bradshaw

Alliance Health spokesperson Paula Bradshaw has said while the transformation of the health service will be challenging, the long-term viability of the service is the most important thing.

South Belfast Assembly candidate Ms Bradshaw said although a number of positive advances had been made, more still needed to be done to make the service work better for people.

“The health transformation process is challenging for everyone concerned, but long-term viability must outdo short-term interest. Already, Alliance interventions have secured a number of positive changes in the health sector – we have secured more focus on the role of allied health professionals, as well as bringing more pressure for equal access to cancer drugs and a comprehensive cancer strategy.

“We also have pursued the availability of two sets of drugs, for lung cancer and HIV, which were not previously available here. But more needs done. A bigger Alliance team in the Assembly will ensure our health and social care services are the route chosen by everyone for high quality care, free at the point of access.

“Good government requires taking on the challenges and obstacles to comprehensively transform our health and social care. Alliance has already made clear we support the expert review of our services and recommendations for reform – where we challenged the Health Minister is where she has not been focused on delivering actual transformation.

“But it’s about more than just soundbites or saying there is a case for change. There needs to be a shift in resources to primary care, a shift towards centralised provision of specialist services and a shift towards less bureaucracy. The route is clear and there must be no delay in proceeding along it.”

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