Health Minister’s pathetic excuses bode ill for future of Health Service under current Executive – McCarthy

Alliance Party Assembly Health Spokesperson Kieran McCarthy has slammed Health Minister Michael McGimpsey’s “pathetic excuses” for failing to deliver on key health priorities. He said the Opposition in the Assembly was demanding an 100-day plan to deliver on key health priorities.

The Strangford MLA stated: “Far from setting out a 100-day plan to save our Health Service and ensure the funding is available, the Health Minister is already making excuses for failure. This is a truly pathetic start.

“Of course there is no extra money coming from London. Due to the sectarian nature of the Executive, such money would be a bad investment as we all know much of it would be wasted on propping up segregation and division in our public services, rather than tackling deficiencies head-on. Instead, the Minister should be arguing for appropriate funding for Health from within the Executive’s budget.

“We on the Opposition benches want to see the Health Minister produce a 100-day plan to save the Northern Ireland Health Service, and to deliver on acute services in hospitals, mental health review funding, and junior doctor training. If all he is prepared to do is make excuses and hold out begging bowls, he should not be in office.”


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