Health Minister must fight for children’s cardiac services at Belfast – McCarthy

Alliance Health spokesperson, Kieran McCarthy MLA, has said that the Health Minister must fight for an all-Island approach to children’s cardiac services based in Dublin but with some services in Belfast. Mr McCarthy was speaking after the Minister revealed that a review had recommended that the services should cease to be delivered in Belfast and instead be moved to Dublin. The Minister has yet to announce his final decision.

Kieran McCarthy MLA said: “The Health Minister must fight to ensure that some level of service remains in Belfast.

“I have met several of these families and was touched by their stories. I have admired them for the campaign they have fought. The Minister will be letting them down if all the services are moved to Dublin.

“About 80 MLAs signed a petition last year to retain children’s heart surgery services in Belfast, so the Minister will have political support, but will he be able to deliver the outcome that all the families deserve?

“I must also criticise Edwin Poots for the slow response to this issue. It took him 12 months to set up this review, which has now taken nearly 10 months to issue recommendations. This is completely unacceptable when so many families are waiting for answers about the future of this service. The Minister must also immediately publish the report in full.”


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