Heading selected for Alliance in Upper Bann

The Alliance Party has selected Brendan Heading to stand in Upper Bann in the forthcoming Westminster election. He said that Alliance is the only party that can deliver an end to the failed tribal politics of the past.

Brendan Heading said: “We need positive politics and Northern Ireland must move away from the failed tribal politics of the past. Alliance is the only party that can deliver and end to tribal and move our society forward

“Alliance is delivering a shared future and in doing so we want to ensure that the £1 million wasted annually on maintaining division can be re-directed into improving services and boosting our economy.

“Green economics are important to me. We have excellent public transport corridors in Upper Bann, yet these are underutilized. The railway line was upgraded to world-class standards years ago – and yet the M1 into Belfast is still clogged every morning.

“I want to see more regular trains throughout the day with better connections to the northeast; and we must have a far more regular service between Belfast and Dublin in order to encourage more people out of their cars.

“I believe it’s also vital that we open up our gas and electricity supplies to competition – it’s unacceptable that we continue to pay more for our electricity than any other part of the UK or Ireland.

“Northern Ireland needs inward investment, but it also needs to do more to encourage and incentivize indigenous entrepreneurship and investment. Doing that requires an indigenous policy which caters to the unique needs of our local economy. We must continue to invest in our universities and we must protect the high standards we enjoy from our secondary education sector.”


Biography of Brendan Heading

  • Educated at St Malachy’s College and QUB
  • Software Engineer by profession

Brendan Heading is 31 and has been a member of Alliance since he was 15. His career in IT has taken him around the world – from Belfast, to Dublin, with brief periods in France, Boston, and San Diego.

Outside of work and politics, he enjoys repairing and upgrading old computers, and he’s a star trek/doctor who fan. He enjoys reading science fiction and history book, especially those on world politics.

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