Hawkins is new member of Police Partnership

Alliance’s North Belfast Assembly candidate Marjorie Hawkins has been selected to serve on Carrickfergus District Police Partnership Boards set up as a result of the new policing arrangements recommended by Patten.

The Boards provide views to the district commander about policing in his district, monitoring police performance, make the public’s views know to the PSNI and discuss local policing matters.

Marjorie Hawkins said: “District Policing Partnerships are an important part of the new policing arrangements, allowing for greater accountability at a local level.”

“The DPP will allow representatives to make the views of the people known to the local district commander. That will involve a lot of community consultation from members like myself, and I would encourage people to get in touch when the boards get started.”

“This is crucial for the police when it comes to setting their priorities for individual areas. Some areas will need to expend greater resources combating the drugs trade, for example, paramilitary activity or organised crime.”

“DPP members will work with the police to develop practical ways for public co-operation. The support of the community is essential if progress is to be made in preventing and fighting crime.”


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