Hain’s Stormontgate reaction assaults democracy

Alliance Party Leader David Ford has called for the Secretary of State to come clean on “Stormontgate”, and has said that his statement that he would have liked to have seen those charged brought to justice brings the independence of the judiciary into severe disrepute.

Mr Ford stated: “On a BBC interview on Sunday, the Secretary of State clearly stated that he wished that those who had been charged in relation to ‘Stormontgate’ had been brought to justice. Could the Secretary of State tell us why he thinks those charged are guilty?

“Making such statements while claiming to defend the independence of the judiciary sets yet another standard in ludicrous hypocrisy. Can the Secretary of State show clearly why he is believes his directly opposing the judiciary on this matter is not in the public interest?

“Perhaps he chooses to withhold this information for the same reason as he chose to withhold the precise nature of ‘on-the-run’ legislation or the Victims’ Commissioner from the parties? It would be nice for those of us who represent people in Northern Ireland to know what that reason is.

“I have no doubt that past Secretaries of State have held the people of Northern Ireland in contempt, but they have at least made some attempt at concealing this fact. On on-the-runs, victims, reform of public administration, the rule of law, the independence of the judiciary, and just about everything else the Secretary of State consistently opposes the popular view of democrats in Northern Ireland. It is time this dangerous charade was ended.”

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