Griffin leads campaign for more police on the beat in Dromore

Alliance Party Dromore by-election candidate David Griffin is campaigning to get more police officers on the beat to combat anti-social behaviour in the area. David Griffin is a former Vice-Chair of Banbridge District Policing Partnership, and he believes that if bureaucracy is cut and efficiencies are made, more police can be put on our streets.

David Griffin said: “I am campaigning to get more police on the beat in the Dromore area. While the police have done a lot of good work in the town, I can see that they need more resources on the ground.

“A visible police presence is the best way of tackling anti-social behaviour. The local community is crying out for more police on our streets and I want to help meet this need. I also want to ask the community to provide more support for police, to assist them in tackling crime.

“The attack on motorists in the Square in Dromore following the large snowfall a few weeks ago is a good example of where having more police on the beat would have helped greatly. A mob of up to 100 young people descended on the square and caused havoc. This type of scene is simply unacceptable and does absolutely nothing for the image of this historic town.

“Our local police deserve more resources to ensure that they can do their job even more effectively on the ground. Most police officers would rather be out on our streets tackling crime, rather than getting bogged down in the bureaucracy that is increasingly being forced on them. Its time that efficiencies were made and bureaucracy cut to allow more police back on the beat.”


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