Greater support needed for those in need, says Muir

Alliance Finance Spokesperson Andrew Muir MLA has said Stormont must do all it can to ensure much needed funding lifelines get to those most in need.

Mr Muir was speaking as the Assembly begun its budget setting process for the year ahead, adding Northern Ireland’s departments need the legal authority to spend for the best benefit of everyone.

He added: “As we move forward we must be able to spend money on our health service, the economy and wider public services that continue to be battered by Covid-19. These are not normal circumstances as we deal with an already tough Autumn facing a difficult Winter”

“Covid restrictions are going to be with us for some time and that must shape our financial decisions. With the majority of the £2.4billion that Northern Ireland has thus far received from Westminster in response to COVID-19 already been spent it’s disappointing many more people who have been excluded, left with the stress and anxiety of being denied support. This cannot continue.

“We have work to do, to continue to lobby for everyone in Northern Ireland’s society – from giving lifelines to businesses, workers or maintaining our public services, spending must be targeted so support gets to where it needs to go.

“The public in Northern Ireland need to feel confident that their government has the tools and the willingness to do everything in its power to see us through these unprecedented times.”