Gray pledges to turn Mid and East Antrim into dog friendly area after being selected as candidate

Alliance’s Lauren Gray has pledged to turn Mid and East Antrim Borough into a dog friendly Council if elected as Councillor in May.

Alliance activist Lauren, who has been selected as a candidate for the Carrick Castle District Electoral Area in May’s local government election, said the opt-in scheme would make premises across Mid and East Antrim easily identifiable for owners and their dogs.

“Being a dog owner myself, I know dog owners are one of the most active groups in our community and I want to help businesses do everything they can to encourage them to use their premises. Dog friendly businesses have been a success in other areas and I want our borough to have that same welcoming atmosphere,” she said.

“Owners often want to take their dogs with them into bars and coffee shops, but previously it wasn’t clear where they were and weren’t welcome. The idea is this will change things for the better by making it obvious where dogs are allowed with a badge scheme, opening up more venues across Mid and East Antrim for dogs and their owners.

“Alliance has always supported the community of dog owners, bringing as it does physical benefits such as a more active lifestyle, as well as mental wellbeing. If elected as Councillor in May, I will be pursuing the creation of this scheme in our borough, so we can all reap the benefits.”
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