Gray pledges to help regeneration of Carrick town centre

Alliance Carrick Castle candidate Lauren Gray has pledged to help the regeneration of Carrickferus town centre if elected in the upcoming by-election.

Lauren said while outstanding work had been carried out by the recently formed Carrickfergus Town Centre Partnership (CTCP) and a number of other organisations in relation to giving the town a boost, more could be done by the Council to help grow the area.

“Carrickfergus Town Centre Partnership has done good work to try and regenerate the area and that is to be commended. But we can always do more to attract businesses and organisations to the town centre, with tourists following. Carrick is the gateway to the wider Mid and East Antrim area, and we must be able to showcase it as the key economic driver it should be.

“For example, there is no doubt Carrick Castle is one of the best and most well-known tourist sites in the entirety of Northern Ireland. However, question marks remain over how we can connect it more to the town centre, so the entire town can benefit from the many tourists who visit the attraction every day.

“We can also push for simple changes to the town, such as more flowerbeds to be installed and grass to be cut regularly on the approaches, so the first impression people get of Carrick is of a prosperous, welcoming location.

“Carrick town centre was once a vibrant area. If I am elected Councillor on October 18, I will support the CTCP and work with other relevant organisations, including Mid and East Antrim Borough Council, to identify opportunities for development, so we can bring the pride back to the town centre once again.”

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