Graduate Medical School essential to health transformation

Alliance Health Spokesperson, Paula Bradshaw MLA, has warned that a Graduate Medical School is essential to health transformation, after it was revealed that the Northern Ireland Civil Service did not believe that funding one from Executive resources only was financially viable.

The South Belfast MLA said: “I have supported the case for a Graduate Medical School at Magee because it would be a vital part of the overall implementation of health transformation. Far from competing with existing provision, it would enhance it. Turning graduates into doctors will maximise the chances of them filling key link roles in the Health Service, not least in GP surgeries and new primary care units, which are currently unfilled.


“The letter to Derry and Strabane Council from the Head of the Civil Service has provided a stark reminder of the financial situation, but perhaps not fully appreciated how essential a Graduate Medical School is to the overall health transformation process.


“Clearly, the optimum situation would be for Executive parties to find solutions to financing this essential school. Yet again, the general public is being let down by the political game playing”.