Government cannot pick and choose human rights: Farry

Alliance Justice Spokesperson Stephen Farry has welcomed a report from the Human Rights Commission about “on-the-run” legislation currently passing through Westminster, saying that the Government cannot pick and choose on human right.

Dr Farry stated: “The Human Rights Commission has agreed precisely with the Alliance Party on our three main points of opposition to the current legislation.

“As we have consistently stated, the legislation needs to: a) address the rights of exiles to return home without threat, b) address the rights of victims and survivors to achieve some degree of closure by seeing beneficiaries of the legislation appear before court in person, and c) the need for satisfactory licensing arrangements for those released under the scheme.

“The UK Government cannot just pick and choose when it wishes to pay due regard to basic human rights. Human Rights is a fundamental pillar of any political agreement in Northern Ireland.

“Anyone paying lip service to human rights while claiming to take the political process forward is guilty of doing us all a disservice, both morally and politically.”


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