Go green after Christmas excesses says Alliance

Alliance Environment Spokesperson Cllr Stewart Dickson has called on local people to recycle their Christmas cards and tree this year. He also said that the start of the new year gives people the perfect chance to change their ways and protect the environment more than before. He encouraged people to take their Christmas cards to participating Tesco, TK Maxx or Marks and Spencer stores so that they can be recycled by the Woodland Trust.

The Carrickfergus Councillor said: “The start of a new year gives people the perfect opportunity to make small changes to their lifestyle to protect their environment even more. There are so many different things that people should consider, like walking or taking the bus to work, switching off appliances to save energy and trying to recycle more household waste.

“People should go green with their Christmas tree if their local Council provides a shredding service like we have in Carrickfergus. If people’s Councils do not shred Christmas trees, people need to start putting pressure on their local elected representatives to get their council up to speed.

“Everyone should also try to take part in the Woodland Trust’s Christmas card recycling scheme by bringing their cards to participating Tesco, TK Maxx or Marks and Spencer stores.

“People should redouble their recycling efforts in 2008. It makes sense, not just this year but for the future.”


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