Give victims a free voice – Alliance

Alliance Party Leader David Ford has reacted to positive comments from NIO Political Development Minister David Hanson about his call for a Commission to address how to deal with the legacy of the past by calling for swift action to implement the plan, and an end to the politicization of the victims issue.

Speaking from St Andrews, David Ford stated: “The idea that victims of the conflict should be part of the political process finds little favour with the victims themselves. Instead, victims should be given a forum to tell their own story in their own way.

“In examining the past and its legacy, we have recognized both that we cannot just move on, as some would wish. But nor can we afford to let the past become central to party-political games. We want to see a united front on the issue.

“We would like to see our proposal addressed within the talks, but our aim is to end the politicization of victims, instead allowing them to engage in the process of healing free from the shackles of our political system.

Our proposal for independence of any body or forum overseeing this process has this prime objective.”


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