Girvan asks whether Nesbitt will have full local UUP support

Strangford Alliance Party Westminster candidate Deborah Girvan has asked whether the local UUP association will unite behind new candidate, Mike Nesbitt, given the current turmoil in the party. She also said that only Alliance represents a shared future and that UCUNF has been irretrievably damaged by the UUP- DUP Hatfield House pact talks.

Deborah Girvan said: “The Strangford Westminster race will certainly be an interesting one. Given the recent UUP-DUP pact talks, people wanting a genuinely shared future know that Alliance is the only option. UCUNF has no credibility on this issue ever again following these tribal talks.

“Mike is a fairly high profile candidate, but I wonder whether the local UUP association will unite behind him given the turmoil in the party over the UCUNF link-up and the DUP pact talks.

“I look forward to a good election campaign and I am sure we will get along well together.”


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