‘Get on with it’, Duncan tells politicians after elderly woman targeted

ALLIANCE Councillor Sara Duncan has urged politicians to “get on with it” after a bedridden 80-year-old woman was attacked in her Glenville Court, Whiteabbey home over the weekend.

Councillor Duncan stated:

“How anyone with an ounce of humanity can attack the home of such an ill, elderly woman in such a horrific manner is impossible to understand. She is no threat to anyone, and I can imagine how frightened she must have been, hearing her windows being smashed, being afraid to investigate, alone and terrified. People of her generation, having lived through two world wars and thirty years of ‘Troubles’, deserve to spend their last years living without fear, in peace.

“They say someone’s home is their castle, but what kind of security do people like this elderly woman have in their homes? What kind of ‘castle’ is this frail old lady living in, with the wind blowing through the plastic sheets where her windows used to be?

“Today (Monday), the Tokyo stock exchange was closed because of a Japanese public holiday – Respect for the Aged Day. I want to live in a society where every day is respect for the aged day.

“My message for all politicians is – get on with it. The reality on the ground is that vulnerable citizens are living in fear. The politicians who were at Leeds Castle must show greater leadership and have a responsibility to the victims of sectarian attacks to bring about a political resolution, so that our communities can begin to live together in peace.”

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