Gas price cut good news and extension of network here must be considered

Alliance Enterprise Spokesperson Trevor Lunn MLA has hailed news of an 8.5% price reduction for households and small businesses from Phoenix, but says the battle against fuel poverty will continue as many people still struggle to pay for many different forms of heating. He also says he hopes that Phoenix will explore extending the gas network more widely here to give consumers more choice in relation to heating.

Trevor Lunn MLA said: “I am very pleased that Phoenix is decreasing prices in line with a fall in the supply price. I cannot overstate the massive importance of gas companies passing on the price decreases to customers. This announcement ensures gas price prices will be lower than average standard tariffs in Ireland and Great Britain, and I hope that this downward trend continues.

“I would hope that Phoenix will explore all options in relation to extending the gas network more widely across Northern Ireland to give consumers more choice as regards their heating system. Currently almost 70% of people heat homes by oil and I believe that greater competition as regards available forms of heating can only be good news for the public.

“Fuel poverty is absolutely devastating particularly for older people who might face the terrible dilemma of whether to have heat or eat. Winter can be an awful time for older people and while this is very good news for households across Northern Ireland, government can and should do more on tackling fuel poverty.”


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