Full public inquiry only route to truth on Muckamore, says Bradshaw

Alliance Health spokesperson Paula Bradshaw MLA has welcomed the Health Minister’s intention to call an inquiry into failings at Muckamore Abbey Hospital, but said it has to be a full public inquiry with statutory powers.

The Minister’s comments came after the publication by the Department of Health of a review of governance at the hospital, following allegations of physical and mental abuse of patients. Mr Swann said there was a ‘sustained failure of care’ at Muckamore.

“My first thoughts are with the families of those who suffered at Muckamore as they digest the contents of this harrowing report. They must of course be our first priority here,” said South Belfast MLA Ms Bradshaw.

“It is welcome the Minister intends to follow up the review with an Inquiry and there is no problem with consulting the families on exactly how to proceed. However, the only route to establishing fully what happened and who was responsible for wrongdoings will be a full public inquiry.

“There is no further time to lose in establishing such an inquiry, with full statutory powers. That is the only route to finding out the whole truth and giving those who were in care at Muckamore and their families what they need and deserve.”