Frustration at ‘political injunctions’ blocking A5 debate

Alliance MLA Trevor Lunn has expressed annoyance that two petitions of concern, one against the motion and another against the amendment to the motion on the A5 road, which were debated at the Assembly today. He branded the petitions of concern political injunctions which prevent a clear message from coming from the Assembly on this important issue.

Trevor Lunn MLA said: “I am deeply frustrated that the vote on this important debate has effectively been rendered meaningless by yet more petitions of concern.

“These petitions of concerns are simply a device to stop the whole Assembly registering its vote on an issue. To have two petitions of concern on the one debate is absolutely staggering and is not a positive development. It is a pity that we are in this position so early in the new term and I hope this is not a sign of things to come.

“Alliance favours the upgrade of the existing carriageways by means of overtaking sections and bypasses. We question the need for a full dual carriageway project all the way from Aughnacloy to Londonderry. The debate about upgrade of the A5 is a very important issue for people in the area and for the whole of Northern Ireland, irrespective of whether people are in favour of plans or not. These petitions of concern have unfortunately prevented a clear message from emerging from the Assembly on this issue.

“When the public inquiry into the A5 is completed I wonder will any of the parties behind these political injunctions use similar tactics and try to veto any decision. This is simply not the way to go about decision-making or debating an issue of real importance. “


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