Foster should act now to put levy on plastic bags to make Northern Ireland green leader

Following the Budget and its discussion of a plastic bag levy being introduced in 2009, Alliance Sustainability Spokesperson Cllr Alan Lawther has put more pressure Environment Minister Arlene Foster to introduce such a levy now, to show that Northern Ireland is leading the way on environmental protection.

Antrim Councillor Alan Lawther said: “The Environment Minister should act quickly and introduce a plastic bag levy to show that Northern Ireland can lead the way on protecting the environment.

“We have a great chance to send out a message to the wider world that Northern Ireland is at the forefront of sustainability practices. I call on Arlene Foster to introduce the levy as soon as is possible.

“Alliance has been campaigning for a levy to be placed on bags for years. Such a move would reduce emissions because less bags will be produced, and there will also be less litter on our streets. As well as those benefits, money will be raised which will go towards green projects across Northern Ireland.

“We will also keep pressure on the Executive until we see roads cash redirected to public transport, to get people out of their cars. We also want to see more incentives to encourage people to use sustainable energy sources. We want real action, not easy soundbites from the Executive.”


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