Former Lord Mayor slams last night’s trouble in West Belfast

Former Lord Mayor of Belfast, Tom Ekin, has slammed youths involved in attacks on police officers in West Belfast last night, stating that parents must take responsibility for the actions of their children. Four youths were arrested following the trouble on the Ballygomartin Road.

The Balmoral Alliance Party Councillor said: “Unfortunately these disgraceful scenes are all too familiar. The police stated that youths as young as thirteen were involved in the violence last night, and I find that fact particularly disturbing.

“Its time that parents took responsibility for the actions of their children. They should know where their children are at all times and should know that they are safe from trouble.

“Now that Paisley and Adams have got together they should unite to condemn sectarian violence and anti-social behaviour of this type.

“Such scenes paint Northern Ireland in an extremely bad light. It is very unfortunate that the actions of a few youths can have such an impact.”


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