Ford wishes McGrory well as he steps down as DPP

Alliance MLA David Ford has sent his good wishes to Barra McGrory QC as he announced he will step down as Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

The former Justice Minister said Mr McGrory, who confirmed he will step down later this year, had led the Public Prosecution Service (PPS) “with skill and integrity during a difficult time due to budget cuts”.

“Barra brought his skills as a solicitor and barrister in private practice to his work as DPP, and despite allegations about some of his previous clients, he acted fairly and properly in that role.

“Recent attacks on the PPS by a number of Tory and unionist representatives show how important it is politicians are kept away from individual justice issues such as prosecutions.

“The PPS must follow the evidence and take all decisions impartially. The service has resisted all political pressure and that is a tribute to Barra McGrory’s leadership.”

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