Ford welcomes Robinson comments but says we need action, not talk

Alliance Leader David Ford has commented on speech delivered by First Minister Peter Robinson at a devolution conference in Belfast today, saying we need action, not just talk on removing sectarian designations and building better government.

David Ford said: “I welcome his comments however no clear strategy has been presented to deliver an end to institutionalised segregation and division on our streets.

“It is encouraging that Peter Robinson is coming round to what Alliance has been saying for years. It is also positive that he understands that Northern Ireland needs greater collective responsibility in government. Talk is however cheap and we need action to show that the Stormont Executive will deliver better government and a genuinely shared society.

“Alliance has long held the view that we must get rid of sectarian designations, move towards a weighted majority to carry key votes in the Assembly and form the Executive through voluntary coalition.

“We will only move towards a less rigid system of government when nationalists are persuaded that such moves are not an attempt to exclude them from key responsibilities. The Executive which Mr Robinson co-leads must demonstrate the ability to work together and deliver for Northern Ireland.”


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