Ford welcomes publication of civil and family justice reports

Alliance MLA David Ford has welcomed publication of reports looking into the administration of civil and family justice.

The Lord Chief Justice (LCJ)’s Civil and Family Justice Review Group reports are designed to look at current procedures, with a view to improving access to justice, achieving better outcomes for court users and creating a more responsive system.

“The Review Group was established by the LCJ two years ago during my time as Justice Minister. I am pleased representatives of the Department of Justice worked with members of the judiciary and others in this fundamental examination of how access to justice is provided in Northern Ireland,” said Mr Ford.

“I congratulate the LCJ on his vision in establishing the group and thank Lord Justice Gillen and those who worked with him on the quality of their work. I look forward to the early introduction of those reforms which can be implemented by the judiciary and others.

“It is, however, a matter of great regret the absence of a functioning Executive is likely to delay some of the needed reforms. As the LCJ said, the failure of the former First Minister and deputy First Minister to agree the funding for additional legacy inquests has already added to the suffering of victims.

“Urgent justice reforms, including inquests, family issues and civil justice cannot wait.”

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