Ford welcomes news on Aer Lingus flights from Belfast International

Alliance Party Leader David Ford has backed news that Aer Lingus will be flying into Belfast International Airport from August. The airline company will be operating four flights to and from Heathrow every day.

The South Antrim MLA said: “This Aer Lingus announcement is very good news, particularly for business travelers.

“These new flights are especially welcome if Aer Lingus plans to operate the final fight back later in the evening than flights are permitted to land at Belfast City Airport.

“It also shows the potential for the continuing of growth in the market for the International Airport. It is a real boost for those traveling from parts of Northern Ireland where access to Aldergrove is easier than getting to other airports.

“There are a number of potential benefits for the people of South Antrim in today’s news, since additional flights from International Airport will enhance the case for a rail link to the airport.

“The extra air links will give the Genesis business park plans, which sees a new enterprise park sited at the airport, further opportunities for expansion.”


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