Ford welcomes Ministerial assurance on integrated housing

South Antrim Alliance MLA David Ford has welcomed the commitment given by Social Development Minister Margaret Ritchie today to create new integrated housing, potentially in South Antrim. Her comments came after Mr Ford quizzed her during Ministerial Questions.

David Ford said: “In the Assembly, I asked the Minister for Social Development to outline her plans for developing further integrated housing schemes.

“The Minister listed a number of possible locations for newbuild integrated housing, including Randalstown.

“I pressed Ms Ritchie further on the need for her department and the Housing Executive to take positive action to assist local people in areas where the community is integrated and wishes to remain so.

“The Minister promised that she would make specific proposals in a coming statement in on affordable housing. However, she agreed with me that with health services integrated and a growing demand for integrated education it was entirely proper that her department should be making such moves on housing.

“I welcome today’s assurances from her. It is a step towards the genuinely shared society that Northern Ireland needs in order to improve community relations and attract investors to boost our economy.”


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