Ford Welcomes Judicial Action to Speed Up Legacy Cases

Alliance MLA David Ford has welcomed the announcement by the Lord Chief Justice of actions he is taking to speed up legacy cases in the courts.

David Ford said: “Two years ago, as Justice Minister, I sought to get Executive agreement for additional funds to be released to allow Legacy inquests to proceed more speedily. The request came from the Lord Chief Justice after detailed work was done by officials from his office and the Department of Justice and Lord Justice Weir had reviewed outstanding cases.

“That request was not taken forward because the former First Minister, Arlene Foster, refused to table my paper for Executive consideration.

“I know that this refusal caused deep upset to families who had been waiting for inquests and it was criticised by Sir Declan Morgan in what was a most unusual statement for a Chief Justice.

“I welcome the actions being taken by Sir Declan and the senior Judges who are conducting the current reviews on civil cases but it is disgraceful that so little progress has been made over the last two years. This was entirely due to the DUP vetoing much needed action.”

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