Ford welcomes inquiry into ‘On the Run’ letter scheme

Alliance Leader, David Ford MLA, has welcomed the Prime Minister’s decision to appoint a judge led inquiry into the scheme in which letters were given to ‘On the Run’ suspects.

David Ford MLA said: “I welcome the Prime Minister’s decision to appoint an independent judge to hold an inquiry into this misguided and secretive scheme.

“The revelations of recent days have traumatised victims, damaged public confidence in the justice system, and undermined the political process.

“It is critically important that this inquiry provides truth and transparency, and restores public confidence that the justice system treats everyone equally and fairly.

“These revelations make finding a way to deal fairly and comprehensively with our past more difficult than ever, but they also make that task more important than ever. If any good is to come out of this sorry episode it must be that the British and Irish governments now step up and join efforts to deliver a comprehensive, transparent and honest system for establishing truth, justice and support for victims.”


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