Ford welcomes findings of prison inspection report

Alliance MLA David Ford has welcomed the findings of an inspection report which describes progress at Magilligan Prison as “immensely encouraging”.

The inspection was conducted by Criminal Justice Inspection Northern Ireland and Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Prisons in England and Wales. It said improvements had been made in a number of key areas and praised the leadership within the prison.

Former Justice Minister Mr Ford said the reforms, many of which had been put in place while he was in post, were a tribute to staff there.

“This highlights much of the reform programme started while I was Justice Minister and is a tribute to staff from the Prison Service, the South-Eastern Health and Social Care Trust and North West Regional College, all of whom carried out sterling work to produce positive outcomes for prisoners.

“It shows what can be achieved despite the poor conditions of many of the buildings. What is now essential is the Department of Finance giving the Department of Justice money for the new build work which has been planned for some years.”

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