Ford visits Holywood to support Farry and Muir

Alliance Leader David Ford has visited Holywood to support the party’s local candidates Stephen Farry and Councillor Andrew Muir as they seek to secure two seats for Alliance at the forthcoming Assembly election.

Mr Ford said he was delighted to support the pair while meeting voters in the town.

“Stephen Farry and Andrew Muir are striving to take North Down forward towards a more inclusive future based upon a strong track record of delivery.

“I was extremely encouraged to experience such an unprecedented positive response from the public and local businesses, all of whom are eager to take Northern Ireland forward, faster with Alliance.

“I am confident we will make the breakthrough, electing both Dr Farry and Councillor Muir as strong progressive Alliance MLAs for North Down on 5 May.”

The picture shows Stephen Farry, Councillor Stuart Anderson, Larry Thompson, David Ford, Irene Kingston, Michael Watts and Councillor Andrew Muir.

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